Two Event Security Tips For Those Organizing Galas

27 July 2020
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If you are in charge of event security for a gala, you might want to take the advice here under consideration. Hire unarmed security guards if the gala will be held in a safe neighborhood Galas are typically held in luxurious venues, which tend to be situated in safe areas. If this is the case with the gala you are involved in organizing, then you should request unarmed security guards from the security service. Read More …

Three Buildings That Can Benefit From Two-Stage Fire Alarm Systems

29 June 2020
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There are several different types of commercial fire alarm systems that can be beneficial in different buildings. Often, the nature of the business or entity that occupies the building will dictate what type of fire alarm system is best. A two-stage fire alarm is one that is advantageous for a lot of organizations. When something triggers the fire alarm in a two-stage system, it doesn't immediately ring throughout the building. Instead, it alerts the staff in one central location, who can assess the situation and determine whether to turn the alarm off or set it to ring throughout the premises. Read More …

Three Advantages Of A CO2 Fire Suppression System

5 June 2020
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Installing a fire suppression system in your commercial building can be instrumental in keeping blazes under control should they ever occur. There are many different types of fire suppression systems, each of which has a series of advantages that may appeal to your specific situation. A common type of system dispenses water when there's a fire, but water isn't the only way to put out a fire. There are many systems that dispense carbon dioxide, or CO2. Read More …

3 Signs You Could Use Security Guard Services

14 May 2020
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When you manage a company, you can be faced with a great deal of loss, ranging from daily thefts to ongoing problems with employees oversampling your products. However, with the right security guard team in place, you can prevent problems and enjoy a stronger business. Here are three signs you could use security guard services.  1. You've Noticed Empty Packages If you have spotted empty product packages around your business, it might not be a simple return that an employee forgot to clean up after. Read More …

Having An Event Soon? Top Ways A Security Guard Can Help

28 April 2020
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One of the ways to help your business thrive and grow may rest in having special events. This can drive in more crowds and is the key to enjoying more success. It's vital to think about the ways you should make this day less stressful. Adding event security guards to assist you during you event should be a top priority, as the safety of your guests should always be a number one concern. Read More …

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