Two Event Security Tips For Those Organizing Galas

Two Event Security Tips For Those Organizing Galas

27 July 2020
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If you are in charge of event security for a gala, you might want to take the advice here under consideration.

Hire unarmed security guards if the gala will be held in a safe neighborhood

Galas are typically held in luxurious venues, which tend to be situated in safe areas. If this is the case with the gala you are involved in organizing, then you should request unarmed security guards from the security service.

The reason for this is as follows; generally speaking, armed security guards are only needed for events where either the attendees are likely to be carrying guns or where the events are taking place in neighborhoods where gun violence occurs fairly frequently. This is because if any security incidents were to occur in these circumstances, the security guards would struggle to defend the innocent bystanders or to get the situation under control unless they had the same powerful weapons as the troublemakers they were dealing with.

However, because it is virtually unheard of for gala attendees to bring any weaponry with them when they go to these events and because galas are usually held in safe places, requesting armed security personnel for this event would be completely unnecessary. Furthermore, the gala attendees might actually find it alarming to see the security guards carrying visible weapons and this might lead to them to mistakenly believing that the event is much more dangerous than it really is. The apprehensiveness that this makes them feel might then dampen their enjoyment of the gala.

Tell the security business what you would like the security guards to wear

It is important to specify how you want the security guards to be dressed. For example, you must ensure they are recognizable as security guards so that the attendees know who to approach if they require help. Due to the fact that the guards will be unarmed (and people will not, therefore, be able to discern that they are security staff by looking at their weapons), you may need to ask for them to be dressed in matching outfits that have the word 'security' on them.

Additionally, because a gala is quite a glamorous event, you might want to request that they wear matching blazers or all-black tuxedos; these will look formal enough for this setting and will still have that uniform-like look that makes it clear that they are security guards.

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