A Security Cage Will Protect Your Air Conditioner From These Things

A Security Cage Will Protect Your Air Conditioner From These Things

18 August 2020
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There are many different ways that you can protect your home from a variety of issues. If you have central air conditioning, one thing that you'll need to think about is protecting the A/C unit that sits on the ground outside of your residence. While a vinyl cover can protect the unit during the winter and a fence can partially hide it from view, neither of these options provides legitimate, year-round protection. You'll want to invest in an air conditioner security cage — a metal cage that completely wraps around the unit and keeps it safe from a variety of threats. Here are some things that this cage will prevent.


When you think about someone stealing items from your yard, your air conditioner might not immediately come to mind. While it's true that crimes of opportunity — stealing a bicycle or a barbecue, for example — might be more common, people can indeed lose air conditioner units to theft. A determined criminal could work to remove the unit from its mount and load it into a truck to sell on the secondary market. This risk is especially high if you're away from home for long periods of time and the unit isn't visible to your neighbors. An A/C security cage will protect the unit against such an occurrence.


Vandalism is an issue that can affect many homeowners. Whether you have a neighbor who has committed acts of vandalism against you in the past or your home sits next to a park or a vacant lot where loitering often occurs, someone may decide to damage elements outside of your home. It wouldn't take someone very long to cause serious damage to your A/C unit. Hitting it with a sledgehammer, for example, could render it damaged to the point of needing replacement. Equipping the unit with a security cage can dramatically reduce the likelihood of vandalism. 

Accidental Damage

While intentionally destructive acts are a concern, it's also possible to damage your A/C unit entirely by accident. For example, if you use a ride-on tractor, you could easily run the tractor into the corner of the unit by accident, potentially causing serious and costly damage. Or if you're getting a load of topsoil or gravel delivered, the delivery driver could make inadvertent contact with the unit. A properly installed air conditioner security cage will absorb the impact from these types of incidents and prevent damage to the unit itself.

Look for an A/C security cage that would fit over your unit. 

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