Is It Time To Hire A Night Security Guard?

Is It Time To Hire A Night Security Guard?

16 November 2022
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Having a night security guard conduct patrols is normal at many businesses. Many organizations wonder, though, if a guard is a necessary investment. A guard may help your company if it has to handle any of the following four situations.

Proximity to Highly Trafficked Nightlife Areas

Businesses that are near places with large numbers of people present late at night should consider deploying guards to protect the premises. Especially if you know people will walk past your location, it's a good idea to have a guard present. This is particularly true if people will also have access to the location. For example, a night security guard can make a difference at a convenience store need a popular nightclub. The presence of a guard will discourage some of the rowdier behavior that emerges at night with large crowds.

Limited Surveillance Capacity

Organizations often use surveillance in lieu of guards. However, not every site is a great spot for a surveillance-only approach. Some outdoor storage areas, for example, may have numerous potential hiding spots for criminals trying to break into units. Also, even if you have some surveillance capacity, people will learn that no one really responds when things are broken. Sending out an occasional night security patrol can remind them of the possibility they'll be caught for any wrongdoing.


Even if you rarely keep valuable items at a location, it may be wise to have security around. Some folks are tempted to only station a night security guard when the valuables are on the premises. However, this can accidentally signal that your location is a juicy target during those periods. Consistently present security will make it harder for wrongdoers to discern when the right time might be to strike.

Ongoing Signs of Crime

Crime has a tendency to compound. If people start vandalizing the outside walls of a warehouse, for example, that can signal that the location is vulnerable to people interested in bigger crimes. A night security patrol is a good way to address the small signs of crime on a property. By extension, you'll make your location a less appealing target for major offenses by preventing the little stuff.

Also, a night security guard increases the danger level for wrongdoers. If someone wants to repeatedly check out a location to see if they can steal from it at night, a guard is more likely to notice their repeated presence. This can have a deterrent effect. 

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