Reasons You Might Need Fire Watch Security For Your Commercial Property

Reasons You Might Need Fire Watch Security For Your Commercial Property

21 September 2022
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If you own a commercial building or construction site, you know how important security is for protecting your property. Sometimes, you may even need extra security to watch for fires. You can work with a security guard service to hire fire watch security for long-term or short-term needs. These guards are trained to look for fire hazards and to respond to threats of fire. Here are reasons you may need fire watch security for your commercial property. 

Your Fire Detection System Isn't Working

If your fire detection system isn't working, even for a short time, you need to bring in fire watch security to protect your building and employees. Fires break out when they're not expected, so you can't count on a fire not happening when your equipment is broken or being replaced.

Your local fire codes may even require that you have fire watch security on-site when you don't have a functioning fire detection system. The guards patrol your building inside and out to watch for fire hazards and signs of a fire, such as a wall that's hot, the odor of something burning, and smoke.

If signs of a fire are found, the guard will notify the fire department and get people outside of the building safely. Having a fire guard on-site could save lives as well as saving your property.

You Operate A Hazardous Construction Site

Construction sites are at a higher risk of fires than completed buildings that have safety systems in place. Your city may require you to have fire watch security on your premises to watch for signs of a fire and react quickly so your equipment and buildings aren't a total loss.

Fire watch security works just like other types of security in that you can have protection both day and night so someone is always on watch for fires and hazards that increase the risk of a fire.

Wildfires Threaten Your Area

If your area is experiencing a drought, you may worry about the safety of your building. A fire guard can watch for fires outside that could send embers on your roof or start a brush fire on your property that threatens your building. In addition to making patrols and checking things like fire doors, a fire guard also keeps meticulous records for your insurance company or fire department to prove you took the necessary steps to protect your property from fire damage.

You may not need a permanent fire watch guard. Instead, you can work with a security service and hire guards as you need them. You can be sure the guards are trained in fire protection with the goal of keeping people in your building safe if a fire should happen to occur.

Contact a local fire watch security service to learn more. 

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