4 Reasons to Position Unarmed Security Guards at Your Store Front

4 Reasons to Position Unarmed Security Guards at Your Store Front

21 December 2021
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As a store owner, you are responsible for the safety and security of your company and those working for you. Therefore, you cannot afford to slack, especially if you run a business in a high-crime rate neighborhood. One of the best solutions you have is to engage unarmed security guards.

When you hire trained guards and use other security solutions such as surveillance cameras, you never have to worry about security in your business. However, if you are still unsure whether you need unarmed security guards on your premises, here are the advantages of hiring them.

1. It Is an Affordable Yet Effective Option

Most people think that hiring armed security guards is the only way to beef up security in their businesses. However, some armed security companies charge more, putting startups in a disadvantaged position. However, just because you are on a tight budget does not mean you are entirely out of options. You can partner with unarmed security guard companies that charge less and provide reliable security services.

2. You Enjoy Peace of Mind

You can relax when you have guards positioned outside your store, knowing a professional watches over your business. Even customers will feel appreciated shopping at your store where their safety is guaranteed. At the same time, your employees will also be more productive when they feel safe and secure.

3. You Minimize Security Threats

For businesses that do not face significant security threats, such as armed robberies, you can rely on unarmed security details to prevent security threats. Examples of low-security threats include shoplifting, uncontrollable traffic, and unauthorized access. With a guard at the door, you can keep your store organized and prevent unauthorized entry. Similarly, no thief would dare try to rob a business with security details at the entrance.

4. You Minimize Liability and Protect Your Business Image

Picture this; a client starts causing problems, and your armed guards are pushed to use weapons to get them under control. In such cases, your business image and reputation may be affected. Therefore, it is best to hire unarmed security if you don't run a high-risk business, such as a bank, or operate in a high-crime neighborhood. The unarmed security guards identify suspects quickly and notify the police for a quick arrest.

As long as your area does not experience severe security concerns, you can rely on unarmed guards to secure your business. As highlighted above, it is clear that employing unarmed security guards is an effective way of protecting your business and preventing crime.  

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