4 Reasons To Consider A Panic Button System For Your Hospitality Business

4 Reasons To Consider A Panic Button System For Your Hospitality Business

1 November 2021
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If you run a hospitality business, such as a spa, salon, hotel, or even a restaurant, you may want to consider installing a panic button system for your staff. With a panic button, all an employee has to do if they feel they are in danger is get to the discretely hidden button and press it, and help will be summed immediately.

Reason #1: Increase Employee Safety

One of the biggest reasons to install a panic button system for your hospitality staff is to increase employee safety. For example, in a spa or hotel, employees are often working alone, away from other employees but near guests. If something happens where an employee feels that their safety is at risk, it could take a while to get someone else's attention or get to a phone for assistance while staying safe.

With a panic button system, if an employee feels unsafe, all they have to do is press the button, and someone will find and locate them right away based on their distress call, without alerting the person they feel is threatening them that they called for help. This can make your staff feel more confident working away from others and can help increase their safety.

Reason #2: Easy to Use

Another reason to install a panic button system is that they are easy to use. You are not going to have to have your staff go through any advanced training to use it. They need to learn where the buttons are located and know that if they press them, someone will respond.

For the operation side of things, you will need to ensure that the panic buttons are connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth at all times, and you will need to test the system to ensure it is working properly. You can monitor the system internally or use an external service for monitoring the system.

Reason #3: Protect Business Reputation

Third, a panic button is a great way to protect your business's reputation. With a panic button, you reduce the chance of your staff feeling uncomfortable or something bad happening to your staff, resulting in negative reports and news about your business. With a panic button, you can protect your staff's safety and your business reputation, all at the same time.

Reason #4: Assist Customers

Fourth, panic buttons can be a great way to assist customers as well. For example, if a salon staff member has someone who suddenly has a heart attack, they can press the button, and help will arrive quickly. A panic button can allow your staff to summon medical attention for injured or ill customers.

As a hospitality-based business, it is essential to have a panic button system. It is a great way to increase employee safety, provide quick assistance to customers in need, and protect your reputation. You can also reduce insurance costs and reduce your liability risk with a panic button system.

For more information on a panic button system for hospitality staff, contact a company near you.

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