Three Buildings That Can Benefit From Two-Stage Fire Alarm Systems

Three Buildings That Can Benefit From Two-Stage Fire Alarm Systems

29 June 2020
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There are several different types of commercial fire alarm systems that can be beneficial in different buildings. Often, the nature of the business or entity that occupies the building will dictate what type of fire alarm system is best. A two-stage fire alarm is one that is advantageous for a lot of organizations. When something triggers the fire alarm in a two-stage system, it doesn't immediately ring throughout the building. Instead, it alerts the staff in one central location, who can assess the situation and determine whether to turn the alarm off or set it to ring throughout the premises. Here are some buildings that can benefit from two-stage fire alarm systems.


A school is a prime example of a building that can benefit from a two-stage fire alarm system. Mischievous children are sometimes tempted to set off fire alarms using the pull boxes, and you don't want each episode of this nature to cause the entire school to vacate. Instead, the use of a pull box will trigger an alarm in the office, where school administrators can quickly determine whether there's a legitimate threat or not. They can then proceed accordingly based on a quick assessment of the area around the pull box in question.

Retirement Homes

A retirement home can also benefit from a two-stage fire alarm system, albeit for different reasons than a school. In a retirement home, it's unlikely that the residents will trigger the alarm maliciously. However, someone who is elderly and uncertain on his or her feet may bump into a hallway pull box and engage the alarm. Or, someone might burn toast in an in-room toaster, prompting him or her to pull the alarm. Having to get all of the residents out of the building can be a challenge, so a two-stage fire alarm will allow staff to determine the reason for the alarm without panicking the residents and then proceed based on the situation.


Another building in which a two-stage fire alarm system is worthwhile is a hospital. In this environment, you might have people setting off alarms for a number of reasons. A dementia patient might pull the alarm while wandering in one of the hallways, or someone might decide to smoke in a stairwell and trigger the alarm. Panic can occur when there's a fire alarm in a hospital, especially because many of the patients may struggle with mobility. The two-stage system can prevent this panic while staff members determine the reason for the alarm.

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