3 Signs You Could Use Security Guard Services

3 Signs You Could Use Security Guard Services

14 May 2020
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When you manage a company, you can be faced with a great deal of loss, ranging from daily thefts to ongoing problems with employees oversampling your products. However, with the right security guard team in place, you can prevent problems and enjoy a stronger business. Here are three signs you could use security guard services

1. You've Noticed Empty Packages

If you have spotted empty product packages around your business, it might not be a simple return that an employee forgot to clean up after. Finding empty packages in bathrooms, dressing rooms, or stuck between displays is a telltale sign of customer theft, so be on the lookout for empty packages or tags. 

If you spot problems with packages or tags, don't hesitate to work with a team to find the cause of the common thefts. Have security teams in place to carefully watch people as they come and go through your store, and don't be afraid to call the police and to press charges. 

2. You Don't Trust All Of Your Employees

While most employees will work hard for your business, you may have others who are unmotivated, unwilling to help, and generally bad at their job. While it can be discouraging to deal with issues you may be having with employees, you can get to the bottom of problems by working with a security team. 

Ask your security team to watch some employees carefully for signs of trouble, such as stealing time by not clocking out appropriately or taking home products they shouldn't be. If you spot theft, write up or fire the employee as soon as possible with the help of your human resources team. 

3. Your Team Has Struggled With Preventable Loss

Other losses your business may be faced with include wasted energy, issues with returned products, or problems with things being thrown away when they shouldn't be. If you feel like you are burning through consumables like lids, cups, and napkins, ask your security team to pay attention to how these products are being distributed. Making small changes, such as keeping napkins or condiments behind the counter, can be incredibly helpful. 

If you are giving some thought towards making the transition to working with a team of security guards, call companies that offer the service. Talk with them about what you are faced with, and ask how they can help. Make sure they understand the depth and scope of your business, and talk with them about how to move forward with a security plan tailored for your company. By making these simple changes now, you could prevent losses down the road. 

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