Physical Security Is a Must to Have Effective CyberSecurity

Physical Security Is a Must to Have Effective CyberSecurity

23 March 2020
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In this day and age, there is so much attention given to cyber and data security that the physical aspect can be poorly addressed or even overlooked. But physical security is more important than ever. Here are just a few reasons why you have to have consistent physical security in order to have effective cybersecurity.

Ease of Data Access

Which do you think is easier to do? Walk into a business with poor physical security and take a device with sensitive data, such as a corporate phone or laptop, or break into a heavily secured firewall and encrypted environment to steal data electronically? This is an extreme comparison to make a point, but it is definitely easier to steal the laptop if there is little to no physical security, especially if that laptop is left open and running. The best cybersecurity can be undone by poor physical security.

Threat Response

Physical security provides the initial contact with anyone thinking to physically penetrate an organization. Physical security also provides a rapid response to any electronically identified threat. Most organizations have invested in security cameras, video management solutions to identify and flag potential security violations, employee training on the correct use of badges, and access solutions that restrict sensitive areas from the generally badged populations (if applicable).

What good are all of those electronic measures if there is no physical security service to respond when a potential, or real, violation occurs?

Legal Liability and Employee Safety

If there is a threat or life-threatening situation, such as a medical emergency, hazardous chemical or material release, weather event, or other occurrence, then you need a physical security presence to manage the situation and make sure that employees are safe. This is a legal obligation of employers and can't be taken lightly. Otherwise, you and your company are opening yourselves up to civil or even criminal penalties for failure to have the necessary safeguards in place to protect your employees.

Building Layout and Design

When you are moving into a new space, you are most likely thinking of how you want it to look and feel for your customers and employees. Design considerations often fail to include security until after everything has been decided. Engaging a physical security service as part of the design process can allow you to build in the necessary physical security for your business while preserving the aesthetics that you ultimately want.

Implementation of New Technologies

New security technologies have to be implemented and enforced. Biometric scanning is becoming an increasingly popular cybersecurity technology to augment physical security. This is a great example of where a physical security service has to respond when a biometric scan fails.

IoT sensors on everything from HVAC systems and fire alarms to chemical detectors and asset tracking require a physical alert and response, especially as noted previously to ensure the health and well-being of employees and customers.

Security is evolving and becoming more complex, not less. Any security response must have the right balance between cyber and physical security to correctly address threats and proactively prevent data loss, injury, and legal issues.

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