Six Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Private Security Services

Six Mistakes To Avoid Regarding Private Security Services

19 March 2020
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Taking proper security precautions around your home or place of business is essential for both your safety and peace of mind. Unfortunately, individuals frequently make mistakes when it comes to their private security services that compromise the security of their properties.

The following are six mistakes you need to avoid regarding your private security services. 

Turning headlights off before entering your home or place of business when arriving in the dark

To stay safe around your property, you want to avoid walking around outside in the dark. Burglars and thieves want to avoid being visible, so they're less likely to attempt a break-in or a mugging if the area around your home is well lit.

One good habit to get into is leaving your headlights on until you've gotten into your home and turned some lights on. You should never allow yourself to walk from your vehicle to your entryway in complete darkness. This can make you an easy target. 

Having no light available around your entryway

Even better, you can have a light around your entryway that is on all the time or activated by a motion sensor. In any case, you need to make sure you have some exterior lighting around your entryway.

You also want to make sure to replace any burnt out bulbs in exterior lighting immediately to avoid leaving your home's exterior in darkness even temporarily. 

Neglecting periodic security inspections

Having private security services and a security system is not enough. You need to inspect your whole security effort periodically to look out for developing weaknesses.

Inspections should involve questioning any guards in place about standard procedures. They should also include checking to make sure any security equipment like surveillance cameras and motion sensors is functioning properly. 

Being unavailable for communication with your private security service provider

If you're unavailable to communicate with your private security provider, you could miss essential communication warning you of a security breach. Always be on the lookout for messages from your security provider. Respond to them promptly to keep your property secure. 

Changing security services frequently

You face possible security breaches if you're constantly changing private security providers. Whenever you have a new security service take over, there is an adjustment period when your security precautions are devised and implemented. During this period, your property may be less secure. 

For maximum security, choose a good provider and stick with them for a long time.  

Failing to provide key information to guards during training

Guard training is an essential part of private security. You want to make sure that your guards are given all the most important details about access points and security technology you're using around your property. Take a critical look at training procedures and look out for missing information you need to add. To find out more about security services, reach out to a company such as Legion Security Guard Services.

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